This Weekend @ ConFusion!

You might have seen me discussing on social media that this weekend I’ll be returning to ConFusion, the Detroit area’s annual conference for fans and writers of science fiction and fantasy. I had an amazing time last year and I’m really stoked to head back. Below is where you can find me on programming, but I’ll be around the conference area all weekend 🙂

Saturday 7 pm – Allen Park Room – To the Pain: On Making Characters Struggle

Sometimes you can’t kill your protagonists outright … but you can definitely put them through a lot. How do writers use different kinds of “pain” to craft better stories around their characters? At what point does a writer push their characters too much? And is it possible to create tension and conflict with minimal struggle? Tracy Townsend (m), Brandon Crilly, Angus Watson, Dan Wells

Saturday 8 pm – Erie Room – Inconceivable! Establishing Narrative Credibility in SFF

The best science fiction and fantasy is often based around bizarre, alien worlds or premises, but these always need to be relatable to the reader. How do writers make the incredible credible? What effective tricks do we see our favorite authors pulling off, and which ones don’t work on us as readers? Tracy Townsend (m), Marie Bilodeau, Brandon Crilly, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Angus Watson

Sunday 10 am – Michigan Room – Black Gate Magazine Interviews GoH Ada Palmer

Black Gate columnist and author Brandon Crilly sits down for a live interview with Pro GoH Ada Palmer to discuss Terra Ignota, mythology, philosophy and looking ahead to the future.

If you’ll be there, give me a shout and come say hi! Looking forward to another excellent ConFusion!

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