Awards Eligibility!

Hello there!

I’ve been scant on here again (which I imagine folks can understand, given, you know, everything) but I wanted to tip my toe in here to roundup my 2020 creations. If you’re reading/reviewing for the Auroras, Nebulas, etc (including the Eisner Awards – eep!) here’s my eligible work. Thanks in advance for taking a look!

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Comic: “True Balance”
Published in Flip Volume 2 from Markosia Press (art by Scott Drummond)
What would present-day Canada look like if everyone believed in justice by “eye for an eye?” Middle school student Damir is told he needs to decide a punishment for a cyberbully but doesn’t know what to do, so he talks to his parents, friends and social media for advice. But what does he decide?

Check out a review of “True Balance” on Bleeding Fool and my interview with True North Country Comics.

Podcast: Broadcasts from the Wasteland
Evan May and I had a blast recording Season 2 this past year, even though our finale plans were dashed by COVID-19 lockdowns. Even so, we hosted a bunch of phenomenal guests, including Marie Bilodeau, Amal el-Mohtar, stormchaser Mark Robinson, CBC Ottawa’s Alan Neal, E.L. Chen, and KT Bryski. Plus an epic BATMAN DUEL between myself and author/podcaster Erin Rockfort!

Related Work: No One’s Alone Reading Series
Early in this pandemic, Adam Shaftoe-Durrant and I were missing reading events and gathering with our community. We reached out to a bunch of authors to organize a pre-recorded reading night, MC’d by yours truly and edited by Adam, to help fill the initial void of events as we all locked down. I’ll be honest, it only dawned on us later that we’d created a Thing! Features readings by Julie E. Czerneda, Kari Maaren, Zig Zag Claybourne, Phoebe Barton, Dan Stout, Kate Heartfield and more.

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