Behold! Migrating to a New Website!

Hey folks!

Among many exciting things that are happening for me in Writer Land, I have a new website! My friend Cortni Fernandez has put together a stylish new home for me at I’ll be posting regular updates there about my latest work, making it more of a “Brandon News” site than anything else. If you’d like to keep up with that, you can follow me there!

If you followed this blog for my occasional ramblings about process, fandom, the universe, etc, I’ve been doing that more on my newsletter. It goes out quarterly-ish, and you can sign up using the link along the right-hand sidebar if that sounds more interesting to you.

Either way, thanks for following me on this madcap writing journey, and I hope to see you at my new home!

Summer 2021 Update

Hello, lovely blog readers!

It’s been an incredibly long time since I updated this thing, so I thought I’d do a quick round-up of what I’ve been up to in Writer Land so far this year. There are links below to several new publications, as well as previews of what’s coming up next!

I tweeted the other day about tracking my productivity this year for the first time, and the results surprised me. Here are the stats for 2021 so far:
– 100k words written (on various projects)
– 9 new stories out on sub (incl. 2 un-trunked & revised)
– 4 story sales
– 1 non-fic sale

This is on top of what was easily the worst teaching year of my career, courtesy of the pandemic. Full disclosure that with the job security of teaching and being child-free, it’s easier for me to manage my time and get things done. But you still need to manage that time. I’m considering doing some rambling here or on my newsletter about how I’ve stayed productive during the pandemic – if you’d be interested, let me know in comments!

Anyway, without further ado, here are the highlights from the past seven months! Thanks for reading!

D&D One-shot: “Pieces of Godhood
Can*Con stuck to online events through winter and spring, and I was lucky enough to host a D&D one-shot featuring four of our past Guests of Honour: author Marie Bilodeau, stormchaser Mark Robinson, agent DongWon Song and editor Arley Sorg. I created an original world and characters for this one, which you can watch in full here.

Synchronicity and Sonata” in PULP Literature issue 29
First story released in 2021 was my second in PULP Literature! A grieving computer tech leaves her wife’s funeral to track her down, at the factory that collected her soul.
– You can see me and the rest of issue 29’s contributors at the virtual launch!

Solarpunk Your Fantasy” in The Story Engine Blog
So grateful to Peter Chiykowski for inviting me as a guest writer on The Story Engine Blog! I’ve written a fair bit of solarpunk in recent years and have been thinking about how to inject more of that into my fantasy. Check out the article for more!

Interview with Annalee Newitz for Can*Con*Line
My final event for Can*Con*Line was an awesome one-on-one with Annalee Newitz, discussing their latest book Four Lost Cities. We dove into the history of collapsing societies, what collapse even means, and more. Annalee is wicked smart and fun to talk to, and it was a blast getting to chat!

Broadcasts from the Wasteland: Season 3
Last but certainly not least, Evan May and I just finished releasing the third season of Broadcasts from the Wasteland, our podcast where we sit down with fellow creatives and you get to eavesdrop! Having to switch to virtual for this season was kind of a drag, but our guests more than made up for it. Check out the link above to our website, or subscribe on your favorite podcasting app 🙂

So I mentioned above that I’ve been busy, right? If you click over to my Publications page, you’ll see some of my forthcoming work listed. Coming VERY SOON is the release of Fusion Fragment #7, with my short story “Soulmark.” I’m so stoked! After that, I’ll have the following throughout the rest of the year:
– Two more short stories, in The World’s Revolution and Underland Arcana
– My debut games publications with Sentinel Hill Press
– A Q&A with Chaudiere Books
– An appearance on The Story Hour
– A semi-secret project involving TTRPGs, other writers and fun, which you’re hearing here first!

Plus maybe more! Lots can happen in Writer Land, and the point is to keep creating and following your joy.

Awards Eligibility!

Hello there!

I’ve been scant on here again (which I imagine folks can understand, given, you know, everything) but I wanted to tip my toe in here to roundup my 2020 creations. If you’re reading/reviewing for the Auroras, Nebulas, etc (including the Eisner Awards – eep!) here’s my eligible work. Thanks in advance for taking a look!

If you’d like more regular updates from me, I’ve revived my newsletter, with another one coming later this month. That will see more activity, and you can sign up via the link on the right-hand side of this page.

Comic: “True Balance”
Published in Flip Volume 2 from Markosia Press (art by Scott Drummond)
What would present-day Canada look like if everyone believed in justice by “eye for an eye?” Middle school student Damir is told he needs to decide a punishment for a cyberbully but doesn’t know what to do, so he talks to his parents, friends and social media for advice. But what does he decide?

Check out a review of “True Balance” on Bleeding Fool and my interview with True North Country Comics.

Podcast: Broadcasts from the Wasteland
Evan May and I had a blast recording Season 2 this past year, even though our finale plans were dashed by COVID-19 lockdowns. Even so, we hosted a bunch of phenomenal guests, including Marie Bilodeau, Amal el-Mohtar, stormchaser Mark Robinson, CBC Ottawa’s Alan Neal, E.L. Chen, and KT Bryski. Plus an epic BATMAN DUEL between myself and author/podcaster Erin Rockfort!

Related Work: No One’s Alone Reading Series
Early in this pandemic, Adam Shaftoe-Durrant and I were missing reading events and gathering with our community. We reached out to a bunch of authors to organize a pre-recorded reading night, MC’d by yours truly and edited by Adam, to help fill the initial void of events as we all locked down. I’ll be honest, it only dawned on us later that we’d created a Thing! Features readings by Julie E. Czerneda, Kari Maaren, Zig Zag Claybourne, Phoebe Barton, Dan Stout, Kate Heartfield and more.