In their books, most writers have a page of acknowledgements so they can thank the people that have helped them with their craft. Since I don’t have my own published book (yet), I wanted to extend my thanks here to the people that have helped me develop as a writer, and who I hope will continue to be a part of my life in the coming years.

  • My parents, John and Michelle, and the rest of my family for encouraging my pursuits and advocating on my behalf
  • My great friends – you know who are, and I’m lucky that there are too many of you to name – for simply being who you are, being in my life, and keeping it entertaining
  • My Ottawa writing peeps – Derek Kunsken and Marie Bilodeau for taking me under their wings, and everyone else for welcoming me into this crazy community (there are too many awesome people to list)
  • The talented and wise Carolyn Smart, for her ongoing advice, suggestions, and friendship
  • The ever-thoughtful and brilliant Stuart Ross, for the example he provides and the insight he offers
  • My amazing beta readers for taking time to critique my work, often when it’s at its worst
  • My mentors in teaching – Steve, Dave, and Victor, and of course Bill – for their guidance
  • The editors to date who have enjoyed and accepted my work

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