About Me

Writer for Life

I reached a point a few years ago where I became comfortable declaring my status as a writer. I think it was a combination of publishing credits, distinctions from award judges, and getting past my personal brain weasels. Everyone has a different opinion on what gets you “writer” status, but for me it’s simply the act of writing. I love the craft, and I engage with words for the sheer joy of it. Even if I’m never published again, I’ll keep writing, keep submitting, and keep supporting my friends and colleagues in the business. So I guess I’m a writer for life.

What I Actually Get Up To

If you want to get technical and specific, I’m primarily a science fiction and fantasy writer. I’ve been published in magazines and anthologies (see my CV for specifics) but my real love is novellas and novels, which I’m shopping around. I’m one of the Programming Leads for Can*Con in Ottawa, I review fiction and write commentary on BlackGate.com and co-host the seasonal podcast Broadcasts from the Wasteland. And I dabble in things like RPGAs, comics, chapbooks and other forms of writing. (I think that means I’m busy…)

The Day Job

Other than writing, I’m also a high school teacher in Ottawa, Ontario, with a background in History, Social Studies and English. I don’t talk about it much here, but occasionally I feel compelled to reflect on my day job, which keeps me busy and entertained so much that I’m probably a teacher for life, too.

Interviewing Ada Palmer at ConFusion 2019

Can*Con organizers at the 2019 Aurora Awards! (Photo by Arley Sorg of Locus)


With Stuart Ross (left) and Michael e. Casteels (center) at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair

The “Writers In Tal’dorei” D&D Group!

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