Broadcasts from the Wasteland is now LIVE!

Over the past while you might have seen me discussing a Secret Project with my friend, Can*Con partner-in-crime and master of the “soothing gravitas” Evan May. By which we maybe weren’t too secret about what we were up to, if you read between the lines. So guess what? We’ve put together a podcast!

Broadcasts from the Wasteland is a seasonal podcast hosted by me and Evan, set against the backdrop of a world ruined by some calamity or another (they tend to happen a lot, right? I sometimes lose track.) Our full first season will be eight episodes, each of features the two of us with a couple other writers tied in some way to the National Capital Region. If you’ve been to Can*Con or Ad Astra, you might recognize some of the names on our GUESTS page, including Julie E. Czerneda, Kate Heartfield, Jay Odjick, and Kelly Robson.

What are we talking about? Basically whatever came up as we sat around a table together sharing stories – about our pasts, our careers, the stories we love or hate, what we think about genre or writing or the world, and a bunch of crazy tangents. Much as I like formal interview podcasts, I really wanted Broadcasts to take a different route, echoing the casual, unscripted style favored by one of my favorite comedians, Craig Ferguson. Imagine wandering past a table of writers at a conference, overhearing what they’re gabbing about, and you’ll get an idea of what this podcast is about.

Season 1 officially begins on April 8th – so why are we announcing the podcast now? Because we have some extra content for you! Available right now on our website and Spotify (with iTunes following shortly) is a special Episode Zero, where Evan and I recorded our thoughts and hopes for Broadcasts before we ever sat down with our guests. Did we succeed in what we wanted? Are we crazy for even trying this? You have my blessing to check out Episode Zero, dive into Season One when it drops, and then let us know.

One last thing: putting this podcast together wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of one of my best friends, the irreplaceable (and terrifying) Marie Bilodeau, who helped us put together our web platform, provided guidance as our project came together, and continues to cheer us on and support us. Thank you, Marie! Also a huge thank you to all of our guests for agreeing to take part in the madness and trust us to put together a good show, and to the Ottawa writing community, whose camaraderie and warmth inspired me to reach out to Evan in the first place.

Check out Episode Zero using the link above, and as you’ll hear me and Evan say in the forthcoming season: we look forward to reaching you with our next Broadcast from the Wasteland.

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