Aurora Awards 2018: Holy Crap, I’m Eligible!

Hello again!

In addition to everything else going on in my writing life, I have some works eligible for this year’s Prix Aurora Awards, specifically in the Short Fiction category. Normally I don’t focus on the various SFF awards out there, but I’m pretty proud of my eligible stories, and it would be a huge honor for even one of them to be nominated. Here are the details on all three, for your humble consideration:

Clearing Out Nests,” published in PULP Literature – Discover the ghoulish side of gentrification, as two monster hunters wonder if there’s something sinister behind how many coffee shop chains are opening up in their city…

Pop and the CFT,” published in Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-speculation – Aging rockstar Gabe has to wrap his mind around the government’s carbon footprint tax, while he negotiates how much his late father’s life affected the environment.

The Last Best Defense,” published in 49th Parallels: Canadian Alternate Histories and Futures – Louis Riel meets otherworldly monsters in this tale of a very different Red River Resistance, where the Canadian government and the Métis must work together to protect Manitoba from a dangerous supernatural threat.

The deadline for nominations is May 26, just over a week away. If you’d like to nominate in any category, visit their website here: I’ll be doing the same for the works I feel strongly about. And if you’d like a review copy of any of my stories for consideration, please let me know!



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