Chapbooks for Sale

Below are my current titles available in chapbook form. Unless otherwise indicated, all chapbooks are $5 each (plus shipping if ordered from outside Canada). For copies, please email

Science is for Real

What would happen if big sci-fi blockbusters didn’t ignore things like the laws of physics? A lot of sci-fi movies incorporate vague pseudo-science or just make stuff up in order to create a more exciting story – the stories in Science is for Real flip on “the reality switch” and describe what would happen, focusing on four plots in particular: The Core, Armageddon, Godzilla, and The Empire Strikes Back.

IMG_20151017_214408(Published through NIB Publishing)

From Elara Press


Each chapbook in this series featureS one of my previously published short stories, which are now unavailable or difficult to get in their original formats. These are all stories that I’m particularly proud of, so I want to get them out to a wider audience. The current titles in this series are:

#1 – Bill of Sale (originally in That Not Forgotten) – Martin wants to sell the idea to his novel, but has no idea what selling an idea really means.

#2 – A Perfect World (originally in Young Writers on Writing) – What would happen to science fiction writers after peaceful first contact with aliens?

#3 – Derrick (originally in 365tomorrows) – His brother’s next get-rich-quick scheme is to 3D print a bunch of Stradivarius violins.

#4 – Remembrance (originally in On Spec) – A daughter grapples with her father’s addiction to a simulator that helps him cope with his PTSD. Due to length, this chapbook sells for $6.

IMG_20160523_102003(Cover design by Lana Kamarić)


This chapbook contains six poems constructed using responses from SF writers to a series of words – like “author,” “science” and “success.” The final result is, I think, a really interesting glimpse into the thoughts of a writer – I hope you’ll agree!

IMG_20160523_102135(Cover design by Lana Kamarić)