Up Next – ConFusion!

I’m really gonna try to get into a better habit of writing one post a week. You believe me, right? Fool! Teacher holidays are over now, so we’ll see if I can pull it off. Or if you poor people reading this will once again realize that several weeks have gone by without my whimsy and honest recounting of what it means to be a writer.

After my post last week, and the moments from 2017 I’ve been tweeting about the past few days, I’m looking ahead to 2018. There’s already a bunch of excitement on the horizon, beginning with my first trip out to ConFusion in Detroit from January 19-21. I’ve heard amazing things about this con from various people, and I’m crazy excited about my schedule. Here’s where you can find me (besides in the bar, probably):

Saturday: 11-11:30 am – Black Gate Interviews Jim Butcher

  • Brandon Crilly of Black Gate Magazine sits down for a 30 minute interview with SubPress Guest Jim Butcher.
Saturday: 2-3 pm – Any Sufficiently Detailed Magic System is Indistinguishable from Magic
  • The influence of tabletop roleplaying games is widely felt in fantasy. Many stories make a ‘science’ out of their magic that reflects the carefully-balanced rules of a tabletop sourcebook. What are the trade-offs between creating magic systems with strict rules and leaving magic as a mysterious and unknown force? How do we balance the sense of wonder and magic against the desire to give readers a stable hook from which to suspend their disbelief? What makes a well-defined magic system work in a story,  and when are we showing the reader too much of the machinery behind the curtain? Brandon Crilly, Charlie Jane Anders, David Anthony Durham, Kate Elliott, Shweta Adhyam, Jim Butcher
5 pm – Autograph Session
  • Come meet your favorite authors, artists and musicians and have them sign things! (Please limit your signing requests to 3 items per person.)
Sunday: 1 – 2 pm – Hopepunk in the Age Of Resistance
  • Author Alexandra Rowland defines hopepunk as the opposite of grimdark: “Hopepunk says that kindness and softness doesn’t equal weakness, and that in this world of brutal cynicism and nihilism,  being kind is a political act. An act of rebellion. Hopepunk says that genuinely and sincerely caring about something, anything, requires bravery and strength.” What are the stories that inspire us to reject cynicism and fight for the good in this broken world. Brandon Crilly, Izzy Wasserstein, Michael J. DeLuca, Nisi Shawl, Stacey Filak
So the first item on there is pretty amazing on its own, but I’m really looking forward to all of my programming and the amazing people I’ll get to chat with. I don’t usually offer myself for panels at other cons – I think this is the first time I’ll be on a panel in the U.S., actually, so that’s pretty cool in and of itself. Events like these are my way of regenerating while still keeping my handsome looks, so I’m hoping to get a ton of writing done after I get back.
If you’ll be at ConFusion, give me a shout!
In case you missed it, Daily Science Fiction recently published my short story “Moments,” which is a time-travel piece with a literary twist. If you’re interested, you can scope it out here: http://dailysciencefiction.com/science-fiction/time-travel/brandon-crilly/moments

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