New Publication! “Water” on Grievous Angel

Sometime in the last year I had a bizarre and vivid dream. I was standing in a grove (or I was watching someone else standing in a grove) that looked like the Amazon rainforest if it was painted by Lewis Carroll or Dr. Seuss. There were other people around, and I knew that there was something dangerous nearby, but I never found out what it was. Right before the dream ended, I heard a voice say something like, “It’s a mad world when the water drinks you back.”

Now, having studied psychology I fully understand the basic concept of what a dream really is, but damn if I don’t have some vivid and occasionally screwed up dreams. I’m talking visions of other worlds, with faces that I don’t recognize – clearly my subconscious likes to work overtime while I’m trying to rest. These dreams sometimes mean I wake up feeling tired, but occasionally they can be useful since, you know, I’m a writer and all.

Today Grievous Angel published my flash story “Water,” which I concocted from the line above and the remnants of the dream that led me to it. My writing tends to be pretty straightforward, so “Water” is my first jump into the surreal (and if my friend Lana Kamarić has any say, not my last). It’s a weird story, and I’m glad it’s found a home. If you want a brief glimpse into the dark recesses of my brain, you can read it for free right here. And if you like it, please do spread it around on social media, and we’ll see what people think of me after…


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