Ad Astra Next Weekend

This is one of those weeks that kicked the hell out of me in many ways – if you read last week’s post where I outlined my schedule, you’ll understand why. But I was also propelled by various bits of good news. Most notably, my short story “Synchronicity and Sonata” has earned my 4th Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future, so I get to eagerly await the published list of winners on their blog. I also sold another short story, which I’ll announce once the contract is signed. And now that the semester is finished at Algonquin College and I have one job off my plate … I have multiple conferences to prepare for, so I’m sort of out of the frying pan and into the fire. But in a fun way.

Next weekend, I’ll be at Ad Astra in Toronto with a bunch of other authors from the Ottawa community and beyond. I’ve confirmed that I’ll be on a TEGG panel with Ed Greenwood and others, discussing what’s going on in the company and our recent and upcoming projects, including my latest short story “Wizard-sitting.” I don’t know my schedule other than that yet, but I’ll try to post that here if I can – regardless, I’ll be tweeting like mad all weekend. If you’ll also be at Ad Astra, give me a shout!


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