Honorable Mention – Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Award

Funnily enough, writing news and feedback tends to come in bursts – three rejections on the same day, a bunch of people tweeting about you all at once, etc. Over the weekend, I got two pieces of good news. One is the sort of thing that only a writer really understands as good – a personalized rejection from a pro market. Without saying which market, the editor took the time to tell me that they loved everything about the story, but it didn’t quite fit the genre they publish (too fantasy, not enough horror). For an upcoming writer like me, that kind of news is huge, when normally we just get form letters from the pro markets while we throw things into the ‘verse and hope that something catches.

The second piece of news is much more exciting: an Honorable Mention in the Twelfth Annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards, in the Science Fiction category. I’ll let that sink in for a second. What does that mean? That in the latest issue of Writer’s Digest, you can see my little name and the title of my story, alongside the other Honorable Mentions and the winners in each category. Naturally, I got a copy for myself:

This, folks, is the kind of thing that gives you the encouragement to keep writing when you’re feeling too tired, or that everything you’re doing is just pissing into the wind. This, fellow writers, is called leveling up.


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