My First TEGG Story is Live!

Exciting news! For those of you that haven’t already seen the announcements on my
Facebook and Twitter accounts, my first short story with the Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) is now available for purchase! “Wizard-sitting” is set in the world of Stormtalons, a fantasy setting designed by Ed Greenwood involving action and mystery, a cold war between a religious order and a powerful mage called the Hierophar, and roiling mists that consume (and possibly transform) anyone foolish or unlucky enough to step within them.

Here’s the logline:

The Stormtalons can change a person. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. 

When your beloved mentor’s Gift is awakened, how do you keep him safe from the powers that seek all mages? Particularly when he seems to have no interest in protecting himself?

Lonos, a scholar, encountered the mist and his Gift has bloomed. Now his proteges are desperate to keep him hidden from the Heirophar, a desperation only increased when a ruthless noblewoman from their past finds them and threatens them with exposure–unless they perform a certain little task…

I’m really stoked that this story has finally been released, not just because it’s my first TEGG publication, but because it’s the first published work set in the frontier town of Tasmouth and the nearby Yacathan jungle. Expect more works set in the same region from myself and other creatives (which I’ll spread the word when the time comes).

You can purchase “Wizard-sitting” via the link above – in addition to getting an e-copy straight from the Onder Emporium, you can also get the story for Kindle, Kobo, Google Play and iBooks.

Every author has a stake in the profits of their works with TEGG, so it would mean a lot if you can spread the word about this (and other TEGG publications) via social media, or by leaving reviews on the platforms listed above. You can also check out a recent blog post of mine on the Stormtalons website, where I discuss my mentors and how my relationships with them tied into “Wizard-sitting.”


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