My Average Week as a Writer (with a Day Job)

So after last week’s post, I actually kept track of everything I did each day related to my writing. Note that this list is on top of my job as a high school teacher and all of the other household duties (read: crap) that are part of the average week – which isn’t meant to toot my own horn, but just for context. Fellow writers, feel free to goad me that my productivity could be higher (my word creation this week wasn’t as high as I would have liked). Non-writer friends, here’s a taste of what I mean when I say I’m a “full-time writer.”


  • Read with breakfast and on the bus to and from work (The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie)
  • Checked email and book-clubbed with writers via Twitter during lunch
  • Submitted novel to more agents + extra agent research (30 min)
  • Brainstormed creatures for TEGG project #2 (30 min)
  • Attended monthly critique group
  • Weekly blog post
  • Wrote out WIN chart (What’s Important Now) for the week
  • Registered for the Nebula conference in May
  • Finished The Heroes


  • Continued book-clubbing via Twitter with breakfast
  • Read articles on magic systems on bus ride to work
  • 1700 words written on TEGG project #1
  • Read stories from The Starlit Wood
  • Updated website (publication history, upcoming events, etc.)
  • Promoted recent publications on Twitter
  • Updated December writing plan
  • Set up TEGG meeting with other creatives


  • Read from Starlit Wood and space opera anthology on bus ride to and from work
  • Finished 1st draft of TEGG project #1 (1 h)
  • Promoted Inaugural Poem published last week, via blog post and social media
  • Submitted novel to new agent call
  • Listened to Writing Excuses podcast at the gym


  • Started reading The Aeronaut’s Windlass on bus ride to and from work
  • Wrote biweekly post for Black Gate
  • Revisions and character descriptions for TEGG project #1 (1 h)
  • Listened to Writing Excuses podcast
  • Started compiling reading list for 2017

Friday: Decided to take the night off from creative work … and wrote down several new story ideas in my Moleskine, then outlined a new story anyway (under 1 h)


  • Drafted creature descriptions based on Monday’s brainstorming (30 min)
  • Solicited recommendations for 2017 reading list
  • Book-clubbed and promoted publications on Twitter
  • Listened to Nerdist Writers Panel podcast at the gym


  • Wrote up full, detailed creature descriptions for TEGG project #2(1.5 h)
  • Refreshed outline for new story + 500 words on 1st draft (1 h)
  • Promoted Black Gate post on social media
  • Added panel ideas for Can*Con 2017 to Dropbox
  • Revisions on TEGG project #1 (1 h)
  • Submitted stories to new markets (30 min)

4 thoughts on “My Average Week as a Writer (with a Day Job)

  1. Wow. Busier than my day and I’m retired from paying work! Check out my daily schedule in an article I put on my WordPress blog called “Retired? What DO you do all day?”
    I was inspired to write it because all my working friends think I now live a life of leisure, haha!

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