The 2017 Inaugural Poem Competition

I said a little while ago that this blog isn’t meant to be a platform for political discourse. I’m going to break that rule a little bit to highlight a new project by my friend and mentor Stuart Ross, who (like many in the writing community) is dismayed by what’s going on in the United States and has chosen to vent his frustrations in a way that makes sense for most writers: by encouraging people to write.

His new project is a competition or audition, of sorts. The goal: write a poem fit to be read at the inauguration of the next President of the United States this January. The only constraint: it must be an acrostic, built from the letters YOUFUCKINGDICKWAD.

I don’t know about you, but I think the new President-elect should feel honored 😀

At the moment of writing this post, there are thirty-six entries for the Inaugural Poem, from a variety of poets across Canada and the United States, and I imagine there will be more to come. Yours truly offered up an entry, as well, which because it’s me has both a futuristic and optimistic slant that I’m pretty happy with. You can check out “Lesson for Someday” here, and I highly encourage you to check out the other poems, as well.

Better yet, contribute a poem of your own! Because the best thing to do when you’re feeling stressed about something is to write.


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