The Slog

You ever have one of those weeks that just wears on you ? I’ve been going like crazy with various projects for a while, and I think I hit a momentary wall where both my brain and my heart decided, “Time to pause. No, we don’t care if you want to.” And so my productivity went way down and I’m behind on my timelines, which are mostly meaningless in the grand scheme of things since they’re mostly arbitrary – and even though I know that making up for a slow week is pretty easy (probably) it just adds to the drag.

That said, there was also a huge success last week with the release of the 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, featuring my short story “Blaze-of-Glory Shoes.” It’s a huge anthology, and one of the biggest that I’ve ever been published in – and it’s already gotten a rave review from Kirkus, of all places – and so I’m really excited about it. But with how much I’ve got in my head concerning current and upcoming projects, including promotion for this anthology (not all of which panned out, but that’s another story) it’s difficult to enjoy the excitement when I’m still just sitting at my computer, working on the next thing.

I’m sure that busier and more famous writers than me go through similar experiences. Actually, feeling a little worn out because of how much I’m doing with my writing probably means I’ve levelled up – I’m doing so much as a writer these days that I might need a little holiday from it. (I’ve had an idea all of a sudden to make a list of every little writing-related task I do in a week and make that my next post – or maybe the post after next. Keep an eye out for it. This might actually be a neat and potentially amusing idea.)

Now that I’ve figured out next week’s post already, the most important thing to mention is that everything I’m doing is still fun. It’s just like any form of work. Some weeks will be great and easy, some will be a slog, but as long as you still wake up in the morning wanting to do more, then everything’s fine. It’s not that I’m tired because I don’t enjoy it – I’m tired because my damn body can’t keep up. Which means that my goal of living long enough to be uploaded to a computer before I die might need to come just a little sooner.

Shit, there’s another story idea in there … notebook, here I come.


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