World Fantasy 2016

This weekend I attended my first World Fantasy Convention with some of my Can*Con peeps, and holy gods was it a blast. I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with my fellow creative people, but this weekend was a particularly fun whirlwind, as I met and got to know a variety of supremely talented and interesting folks from the broader writing community. For your reading pleasure, here are some specific highlights (probably out of order, and probably forgetting things):

  • Counting abandoned cars on the I-75 with Marie Bilodeau (there are a lot in Michigan)
  • Chatting with David freaking Mack about … something. I don’t remember and don’t care. Star Trek: Destiny is brilliant.
  • Nicole Lavigne and I realizing, as we’re raving about Monstrous Little Voices to David Thomas Moore and trying to call it up on our phones to show him, that he’s the guy who edited it
  • Listening to lemmings calmly discussing predation with an owl in Jerome Stueart‘s reading from The Angels of Our Better Beasts (and subsequent beast sketches!)
  • David reciting the opening lines of Canterbury Tales from the tattoo on Nicole’s arm … and then David, Jon Oliver and others singing “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” (wait, that might have been two separate nights)
  • Discussing the pronunciation of “Genevieve” with Genevieve Valentine (the French speakers among us had differing ideas)
  • Determining with Tina Connolly that Marie and I are addicted to high-intensity, high-stakes careers (teaching and event planning are both great for adrenaline rushes!)
  • The launch of The Starlit Wood … seriously, huge congrats to Dominik Parisien, Navah Wolfe, Amal el-Mohtar, Genevieve Valentine, and everyone else involved with this anthology.
  • Talking religion, politics, history, and zombie erotica with David and Jon (these guys are coming up a lot)
  • Witnessing the emotional character arc of one Derek Kunsken, who exhibited more emotion in a single weekend than I think I’ve glimpsed before … but he has good reasons 🙂
  • Finding the best donut shop ever on our way out of Columbus (which clearly means we have to go back). Sorry, Suzy Q. You’ve been beat.

As I figure out my game plan for 2017 and beyond, attending World Fantasy every year that I can is high on my list of priorities. And not because going out to these big events makes sense from a professional standpoint (though there is that). It’s because creative people are just a whole lot of fun.


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