Summer Progress

I’ve been spending a fair bit of my summer break writing the first draft of a space opera novel (currently untitled) while I shop Convoy to various literary agents. Today I did a word count check, just for curiosity, and did a double take when I saw the total: 61,335 words since I started drafting around the start of July. I’m probably three-quarters of the way through this draft – the goal is to have it completed before the new school year starts. Admittedly there will be heavy revising after, as always, and words will be cut (my first drafts tend to be too wordy) but there are also a couple scenes I want to add, so it’ll probably balance out to an 80,000-word manuscript or so, which is right on the money.

Even though I’m off for the summer, I’m still pretty impressed with myself for getting this far in the novel, since there have been a variety of other things going on (some of which I’ve mentioned here). The next thing on my plate happens to be tomorrow: a Facebook author party for the 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, which I have a story in. I’d never heard of one of those before, but apparently authors are given timeslots to post about their story, their writing process, etc, and then attendees can post replies and questions. I spent the past few days trying to figure out my posts, and settled on a similar style to how I post here: honest, a little irreverent, and occasionally providing tips to other writers. I think it’s going to be a neat experience. If you’re interested in scoping it out, you can register here – and be entered in a draw for free copies of the anthology!

As I’m writing this, though, I can already feel the clock winding down on the end of the summer. Don’t get me wrong; I love my job. But every summer I go full swing into my writing, and I realize how much I enjoy being able to dedicate my time fully to that. This is probably the busiest I’ve ever been during a summer, and it has been an absolute blast. Getting back into teaching mode and making more careful use of my evenings and weekends is going to be a challenge.

Better keep working through my to-do list…


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