Limestone Genre Expo

My usual pattern seems to be that I’m exhausted the day after a writing con. (For those who know me, you can save the old man jokes right now, before I grab my cane and chase you off my lawn.) The reason for this is because, particularly since I’ve become more involved in the writing community, I spend the entire weekend catching up with folks, meeting new people, and basking in the glow of everything creative. Which, though awesome and a ton of fun, takes its toll the day after. Yes, being a writer is a job, but it’s a pretty good freaking job.

(Despite my exhaustion, I somehow wrote an entire chapter of my current novel today. Credit to Derek Kunsken and others for providing motivation.)

This was my first year attending Limestone Genre Expo, which is only in its second year, and rose up out of a genre-writing community that I never knew existed during my five years at Queen’s University. It’s a young and fairly small con, but with a ton of potential to grow, and you can see that potential in the energy of the people involved. Most of the attendees were writers, particularly younger writers, and so I got the chance to talk to people who are in the same position I was several years ago, about their current projects, their craft, and writing in general.

I spent most of my time in the dealer’s room, hawking wares alongside James K. Moran (go buy his book, by the way), but scoped out some top-notch programming feature excellent writers (lots of hand grenades from Ottawa’s Matt Moore). And I was able to sit on a couple panels, including a really spirited discussion around fan fiction where I learned a ton from my fellow panelists and had fun disagreeing about things that to the outside world might seem straightforward, like what exactly “fan fiction” is.

If you’re a genre fiction writer and you’re in the vicinity of Kingston, keep an eye on Limestone Genre Expo. They have a bit of something for everyone, with programming that looks at science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery and romance, and proved to be a great place to meet your fellow writers and get some inspiration. Congratulations to Liz Strange and the rest of her team for hosting a really fun con – already looking forward to next year!

4 thoughts on “Limestone Genre Expo

  1. Great con (only in its second year) and great to meet you again, Brandon. I loved the intimate atmosphere of this con and, like you, am looking forward to seeing its evolution. See you soon at CanCon in Ottawa!

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