Keystone Chronicles

Bah, I am ever so slightly late getting this post up. I have good reasons. Writers are busy, even when they’re on summer vacation because they’re also high school teachers. Honest, you should see my to-do list.

But enough of that. Last week I mentioned some upcoming publications, and I am very excited to provide further info about Keystone Chronicles, the next in the Third Flatiron Anthologies series.  The theme for this anthology centers around the idea of a keystone – the central stone at the summit of an arch that locks the structure together, and a metaphor for the people or things in life that other people depend on, or which sit at the heart or core of our world. My particular story, “Coding Haven,” focuses on a brilliant computer programmer who is trying to save humanity for the second time, even though she’s incapable of saving herself.

The complete table of contents is available hereKeystone Chronicles will be released in eBook format on August 20, and can be pre-ordered from Smashwords or Amazon. It’ll be available in print sometime later, as well as featured in some upcoming podcasts. I highly, highly recommend that you check out this anthology, and not just because my work is in it. 🙂


As a side note, this is a final reminder that I’ll be at Limestone Genre Expo this weekend, along with a ton of other excellent speculative fiction writers from Ottawa and beyond. If you’re in the area, please register online and come check it out. In addition to appearing on a couple panels, I’ll be selling chapbooks in the dealer’s room and once again attempting to tweet on occasion as I mill about the con. Hope to see you there!


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