Status Update

I’m a week into my summer vacation and drawing a blank on a rambling topic to discuss – but I’ve had a lot of developments on the writing front, so I figure a status update is in order. Below are details on where you can find both me and my work over the next few months.

New Short Story Coming on July 20th!

My sci-fi/horror short story “Waiting Room” will be published in Creepy Campfire Quarterly #3 on July 20th. The story involves an ongoing plague, a beleaguered ER nurse, and a little girl who might not be real. If you want some creepy thrills, check it out!

Other Upcoming Publications

In no particular order, since I don’t have exact release dates:

  • “Coding Haven” in Third Flatiron Anthologies: Keystone – “Programming genius Orianna is desperate to save humanity for a second time, but she can’t even save herself.”
  • “Disconnected” in Breakroom Stories – “A man’s phone battery dies on the way to work, and he finally sees how the world around him has changed.”
  • “Pop and the CFT” in Sunvault – “Settling his father’s estate is a little complicated for Gabe, thanks to the carbon footprint tax. Good thing he still has rock ‘n’ roll.”
  • “Blaze-of-Glory Shoes” in The 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide – “Scavenging in an irradiated colony, three young friends want to prove to the rest of the Aldrin crew that they can contribute – but get more than they bargained for among the ghosts of the dead.”

Find Me at Conferences!

I’ve got two conferences coming up that I highly encourage you to attend, since they’ll be awesome:

  • Limestone Genre Expo – Kingston, ON, July 23-24th
    • See me on two panels: “Subverting Hollywood” and “Magic and Magical Systems”
  • Can*Con – Ottawa, ON, Sept 9-11th
    • Programming is still being figured out, but stay tuned!

A Little Blog Action

Finally, Danes’ SciFi Blog posted an interview with me a couple of days ago. To learn more about my writing practice (and scope out some other writers Nathaniel has interviewed), click here.


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