Let the Summer Begin!

The end of the school year was, as per usual, a frantic and energized affair. There were tears. Papers soared across classrooms. There were furtive steps into the main office, dutifully avoiding the office staff as they desperately tried to complete five times the amount what teachers we have on our plate (that’s an approximation, of course). There was madcap partying to celebrate departures and the sheer fact that once again we survived the year. And then goodbyes, somewhat more permanent in my case, since once again as an LTO I will be moving on to a new school next semester. But the important thing is that we all lived to tell the tale.

Now I am faced with what every teacher looks forward to (while we ignore the chagrin of our friends and family): what to do with my summer. As a writer, this is like an extra dose of Christmas. On top of the two weeks I get off at Christmas. (I see your glares and I’m going to ignore you.)

Two months can be a lot of time to get a lot of writing done – but it can also disappear very quickly, depending on how one uses their time. What I’ve done right away is figure out exactly what I want to get done each month, while imagining exactly how much time I have available to me. Factored into this is the fact that I’ll be completing my Honor Specialist in History, as well (see, I’m still doing teacher-related things), which will eat up a fair bit of time. With that in mind, here’s my plan for the summer:

  1. Write my new SO novel, which I outlined and started writing last month (finishing the first draft is mandatory, ideally making it to third draft to send to my beta readers)
  2. Run through my list of short story ideas and complete a minimum of 4, as a break from the novel
  3. Continue submitting Convoy and (hopefully) track down an agent for it
  4. Complete a series of SF poems I’m working on with a friend, and decide what to do with them

That may not seem like a lot, but the novel will naturally take a lot of time and energy, and I want that to be my focus. In addition, I’ll be preparing for my first time at Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston, where I’ll be on two panels this year, as well as helping to develop programming for Can*Con in September. Stay tuned for news on both of those, as well as information on my upcoming publications.


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