April Read – “Lord Fenway’s Man” by Mike Rimar

Between finishing up my first semester as a part-time college professor and various other balls being juggled in the air, I didn’t get nearly as much reading done in April as I would’ve liked. Rest assured, I’m making up for that this month now that my evenings once again belong to me šŸ™‚

The stuff that I did get a chance to read last month was pretty enjoyable, but according to my new rules I’m only allowed to provide one recommendation – and that will be “Lord Fenway’s Man” by Mike Rimar, published in the most issue of On SpecĀ (#102). Being a history teacher, I appreciate a really good alt-hist story, particularly in contexts I haven’t seen before. In this case, Mike presents a version of the Napoleonic Wars involving steampunk and sorcery, specifically focusing on the destruction of theĀ Orient at the Battle of the Nile. “Lord Fenway’s Man” is also one of those fast-paced, action-and-drama stories that I don’t see a lot in the markets I read, and fits to my style as both a reader and writer. Even better, apparently Mike is expanding the story into a full novel, which I’m adding to my lists of things to eagerly wait for.

If you’ve never readĀ On Spec, #102Ā is a great issue to start with, not just because of Mike’s awesome story. It’s a great magazine that publishes superb Canadian SF, and is definitely worth the subscription. You can check them out here:Ā https://onspecmag.wordpress.com/about-on-spec/

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