“Last Day” published in Solarpunk Press #6

Posting again so soon! Why yes, I will!

Just a brief announcement on my latest publication – my science fiction story “Last Day,” which was released this week in the sixth issue of Solarpunk Press. You can enjoy the story in three formats. It’s available for free in text and audio form on the zine’s website, which you can view here. And if you like “Last Day” and the other story in the issue, “Looking Across the River from Two Directions” by Scott Szpisjak, you can purchase a print copy of the issue at a steal. The print copy is really neat in that the illustrations for our two stories form the front and back covers, so you can read the issue in either direction.

This is the first time my work has appeared in an audio format; the two readers, Faith Gregory and Brekton Drougas, did an excellent job capturing the mood of the story. The Solarpunk Press team (including Faith) was excellent to work with on copyedits and such, and the accompanying illustration by Bev Johnson is superb. “Last Day” is a special story for me, and I’m really pleased with how it’s been published. If you agree, please support Solarpunk Press by purchasing issue 6, and checking out their previous issues, as well.


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