Vote on My Next Short Project!

I’m a stone’s throw away from finishing the first revision pass on my novel, Convoy, and just finished writing the draft for a new short story. While the latter percolates for a few days, I need to decide what short story I should draft next. I’m interested in a few ideas, but none of them is jumping up and down and screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!” – so I’d like your help deciding.

Below is a list of the short stories in my “writing queue,” listed according to the amusing code names I’ve given them (which is actually how I list ideas on Excel). They are all SF, fantasy or horror stories in some respect. If you could take a look and cast your vote in the comments below, I would be very appreciative. There may even be some recognition of this service down the line. Thanks in advance!

1 – Old Man Death

2 – Convention Hunt

3 – Rocking the Carbon Tax

4 – Red Days

5 – Temporal Hitchhikers

6 – Coffee Shop

7 – Soul in the Machine

8 – Acting into Sabotage


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