Moving On

Any LTO teachers out there know that the switch-over to a new semester can be tough. There are weeks of applying to jobs, waiting for interviews (or in the case of my school board, placement by HR) and fretting over whether you’ll be back to supply work. And then, if you’re lucky enough to get an LTO, there’s the question of whether you’ll be staying at the same school or moving on, like I am.

I’ve gotten incredibly lucky in my LTOs, in that the schools I’ve taught at have each been awesome in their own way. This semester was a particular blast (I’ve raved about the staff and students here a few times) and the fact that on Tuesday I’ll be at a new school is decidedly bittersweet. Though I’m sad to be leaving, I’m also really looking forward to my new position. I’ll be returning to the board’s alternate system, where I spent a year and a half previously – so my transition is almost like going home, since I’m a huge fan of the alternate. And, as every writer knows, new experiences are key to maintaining a creative mind.

Wish me luck on this next adventure!


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