My Upcoming Work

I’ve been pretty active lately on Facebook and Twitter announcing story sales and the like, but I haven’t done a proper update here yet. For shame, I say to myself. There’s actually been a fair bit happening in recent weeks, so here’s the rundown for where to look for my work next.

My most exciting news lately is that one of my short stories was a semi-finalist in the most recent quarter of Writers of the Future. Seriously – my story was among the top ten! I still have trouble saying that without feeling light-headed. The huge perk that comes from this, which I didn’t know about, is a critique of my story directly from Dave Wolverton, coordinating judge for the contest. To say that I’m eagerly looking forward to his suggestions is a huge understatement.

On the publishing front, so far I’ll have two short stories released in different markets in 2016. The first is my short story “Last Day,” which will be appearing in a special flash fiction edition of Solarpunk Press, slated to be released in March. Solarpunk Press is a fairly new market that focuses on SF that paints an optimistic picture of the future. “Last Day” focuses on a guy who loves his job catching trash falling from orbit before it hits the Pacific Ocean, except for the fact that his contract is ending. I wrote the story when my own contract was ending at an awesome high school last year, so it has a little personal connection for me, and I’m really to have found a home for it.

My second 2016 release (so far) will be “Waiting Room,” in the third issue of Creepy Campfire Quarterly. This is one of my rare horror stories, and is a cross between a ghost story and a rampant disease thriller, like Contagion. It’s definitely more creepy than terrifying. CCQ is another fairly new and incredibly awesome market that’s being produced by EMP Publishing. My story and the rest of Issue 3 will be out in January.

But more importantly, my next short story will be going live in just five days, in the fourth issue of Nonlocal Science Fiction. “Rational Control” is probably one of my strangest stories, since it involves a non-corporeal main character who can influence the human subconscious with subtle tweaks. If you like odd SF with a heart-wrenching and potentially horrifying twist, check back here on December 15 for the official release announcement.



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