My first chapbook, Science is for Real, is now available!!!

This week was busy. And hard. Something about coming back from a holiday weekend always makes me feel like I need a second holiday, one that doesn’t involve a lot of driving and visiting – not that Thanksgiving wasn’t awesome. Holidays are just equal parts fun and tiring. Add to that a super eventful week at work, and by Friday I was ready to throw in the towel the moment I got home.

Until I checked the mail, and discovered my copies of Science is for Real, my first ever chapbook and solo publication.


That’s right, Science is for Real is now available! This collection of four microfiction stories was published by Linda Crosfield’s NIB Publishing, out of Ootischenia, B.C. – and beautifully done, in my opinion. The premise for the chapbook is this: what would happen if big sci-fi blockbusters didn’t ignore things like the laws of physics? A lot of sci-fi movies incorporate vague pseudo-science or just make stuff up in order to create a more exciting story – so I decided to flip on “the reality switch” and describe what would happen, focusing on four plots in particular: The Core, Armageddon, Godzilla, and The Empire Strikes Back. It was a really fun collection to write, and I hope a fun collection for you to read.

I’m selling copies of Science is for Real for $5 + $1 to ship to anywhere in Canada (if you’re outside of Canada, the shipping might be a bit more). Leave a comment below or email me directly at to request a copy. If you happen to be in the Ottawa area and want to save a buck, I’ll be selling copies in person at two upcoming events: Can*Con from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, and the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on Nov. 7. You can also order a copy directly from Linda by visiting her site.



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