First Week Back

The first week back at work for a teacher is pretty exciting. And tiring. But, man, is it fun.

There are entire courses to plan. There are new colleagues to meet and coordinate with. Photocopies to be made. Student concerns to address early before they become major concerns. Plans to reconfigure as you get to know your students. Resources to develop, revamp, and sometimes invent, since you’ve never taught the course before. Luckily, I’ve landed at a school this semester full of really supportive colleagues and great students, so I think things will proceed swimmingly.

However, I find myself this Friday night sitting in front of my computer, tired as all get-out. It’s a good kind of tired, but there’s still the little issue of the writing I told myself I would do tonight. I started the first draft of my new novel on Wednesday by forcing myself to put my ass in my desk chair and forget about my day job for a while, and managed to repeat the process yesterday, too. Tonight, though, I might take time off from word creation. Submit a couple stories, write this weekly blog post, and then make a cup of Earl Grey and watch something before going to bed. Oh, yeah, I’m living the exciting life of a 20-something in Canada’s capital.

Screw you, I have two careers and I’m tired. I’ll go socialize tomorrow or something πŸ™‚


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