Star Wars

I’d say yesterday was a pretty slow day pop culture-wise, right? Nothing world-shattering went live that had every fanboy glued to their computer for hours on end. Right?

Wait, there was something…

After watching the new Star Wars trailer about twenty times, I’m still impressed and excited. The voiceover by Mark Hamill, the shots of characters old and new (Leia Organa’s hand?!), etc, showed me that this is truly going to be a STAR WARS movie, not an attempt at reinvention like with Star Trek. And hearing John Williams’ score actually made my stomach flutter. Yes, I’m that much of a Star Wars fanatic. Get over it.

The thing that made the trailer for me, though, was the final shot of Han Solo and Chewbacca. And Han’s line is particularly telling: “Chewie … we’re home.” Since the corridor around them is pretty distinctive, and there’s only one place that Han would call home, I have a theory about what that line might hint about the plot. Somehow, Han and Chewie lost the Millennium Falcon between ROTJ and TFA, and the new film will see them reclaim it with the assistance of the saga’s new characters. This could be a particularly poignant moment for both characters, depending on how long the Falcon has been lost.

Since it’s always been my dream to write Star Wars novels, I can’t resist a little fan fiction about how I would paint the scene after these two heroes return to their beloved ship:

            Han came to the cockpit last.

            Everything was still there, just like he had been forced to leave it. As he stepped forward, his hand reached out to brush the instrument panel above his head, the smoothness of the bulkheads, and the worn leather of the seats. He paused for a moment at the pilot’s chair, examining the grooves and cracks, and his mind drifted into the past: the feel of that seat as they evaded another patrol, took on an entire wing of TIE Fighters, or made a break for hyperspace. Trusting in the Falcon to carry them safely, while they cared for her, in turn.

            Han lowered himself into the chair, and realized that he had been wrong when he spoke to Chewie before. This was coming home.

            “Thanks for holding together,” he whispered. “Now…”

            Without really needing to look, he flipped the switch for the instrument panel.

            Naturally, nothing happened.

Anyway, that’s just a thought. Let the countdown to December continue, while I watch that trailer one more time…


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