New Podcast from Ronel van Tonder

Hello, fellow writers! I’ve been absent for a little while, due to a variety of work- and writing-related tasks occupying my time, but I’m hoping to get back into my semi-regular, not-really-committed schedule to posting things here on the blog. Please don’t hold me to this.

A little while ago I posted a review of Compile: Quest, the debut novel from South African writer Ronel van Tonder. In addition to working away on the sequel, Ronel has also launched her own podcast, titled The Read/Write Show. On a monthly basis, she’ll be interviewing fellow indie authors from around the globe and discussing their latest work. I’ve listened to the debut podcast, and it offered intriguing interviews with authors Letecia Pheiffer and Noel Coughlan. I highly recommend checking it out, which you can do here.

I’ll also be adding a link to Ronel’s blog and the show to my homepage. Although it would be much easier to just subscribe to the show. Go do that now.


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