Publication News: Ottawa Arts Review!

Exciting news! I received word earlier this month that one of my short stories, “Escape,” will be published in Issue 8.1 of the Ottawa Arts Review, which operates out of the University of Ottawa. You can check out their website here. Not sure when that will be released, but I’ll keep you apprised!

The funny thing is that about a day before I got the email from OAR, I had decided definitively that I won’t be writing any more literary short stories. When I started writing at Queen’s I kind of jumped back and forth between literary and spec fic – I had what I thought were good ideas for both – and so my publication history to date has been a mish-mash of both. Though I’m very proud of the literary stories I’ve published – especially “The Black Room” in The White Collar Book and “Deep” in 529 – spec fic is the genre I truly love, and overall I’ve had more success with it.

Now maybe I need to rethink things? Thanks, universe, for giving me more to ponder 🙂


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