Tides of Possibility Q&A, and the next blog tour – with Ron Collins!

As promised, I’ve been a little absent here for a few weeks, while I prepare my manuscript for the upcoming Can Con. There’s some recent Internet activity, though, that requires my attention to promote, so I’m crawling out of my isolation bubble for a few minutes.

First thing, there’s a new Q&A up on C. Stuart Hardwick’s blog involving myself and a few other contributors to Tides of Possibility. We basically answer a variety of questions about our writing and science fiction in general – some of it thought-provoking, some of it just fun. If you’re like me, and you enjoy learning a bit more about writers, please scope it out. And hey, why not check out Tides of Possibility itself on Amazon?

You also might remember that I took part in a blog tour a little while ago, which was passed on to me by Michael Casteels and Czandra Mostly. The torch was picked up by awesome science fiction writer Ron Collins, who posted his contribution today on his blog. Please check it out, and scope out some of Ron’s work. If you want a sample, you can find him on Daily Science Fiction and elsewhere, via his bibliography.



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