Presenting … Tides of Possibility Contributors!

Tides of Possibility, the newest anthology featuring two of my short stories, has been available on Amazon for about a month now. To further promote it, I’ve posted the names of some of my fellow contributors with links to their personal websites, Twitter handles and Facebook accounts. We have a great collection of writers from various backgrounds in Tides, and you should definitely check out their other work.

Mandy Broughton – Twitter: @MandyBroughton

Doug Delia –

Lilia Fabry –; Facebook:; Twitter: @lfabry93

C. Stuart Hardwick –; Facebook:; Twitter: @CStuartHardwick

Corinn Heathers – Facebook:; Twitter: @syn010110

Kelly Horn – Facebook:; Twitter: @kapehorn

Erin Kennemer – Twitter: @emkennemer

Enos Russell – Twitter: @EnosRussell

K.J. Russell –; Facebook:; Twitter: @KJRussell_write

Stephen R. Smith –; Facebook:; Twitter: @stephen_smith

Jay Wilburn – Twitter: @AmongTheZombies

David (D.L.) Young – Facebook:; Twitter: @DLYoungWriter



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