Waiting for Novels = Waiting for Godot

One of the most frustrating things about being a reader is having to wait for the next novel to come out. You know exactly what I mean. You read a novel or series that’s so epic and great that you don’t want to wait for the next part to be released – like an entire season on Netflix, you want it to be at your fingertips immediately without interruption. But novels don’t work like that, and so inevitably you find yourself spending months or years waiting – and waiting – for the story to continue.

From the writing standpoint, of course, I understand why it takes time for the next novel to be released. Writing is a long and laborious process, filled with massive editing and rewrites and then a lengthy process with a publisher. And it takes time and care to perfect a work into its best possible form, which is something that a lot of readers don’t understand because they’ve never attempted the process.

It can seem a little bit like Waiting for Godot at times, when you feel like a particular novel is never going to arrive and that you’ll be waiting in limbo for the rest of eternity. I imagine a lot of Game of Thrones fans feel that way.

The reason I’m bothering to discuss this is because I’ve been climbing the walls waiting for the next novels from some of my favorite authors, and I’ve finally found some release dates. Unfortunately, none of them are soon enough for my liking. City of Mirrors, the conclusion to Justin Cronin’s intense Passage trilogy, is coming out in October. The next Alex Benedict novel from Jack McDevitt will be released in November. The next novel from Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, isn’t expected until summer 2015. And as for the final Kingkiller novel from Patrick Rothfuss … starting to feel like Godot may show up first.

Like I’ve already said, though, great fiction takes time, and so I understand that as a reader I just have to wait. And ignore the little voice in my head that says, “No, I want it now!” To everyone like me, I feel your pain.


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