ChiSeries Ottawa – June 17

Attention, fellow Ottawa writers! Or anyone willing to make a drive into the city…

On Tuesday, June 17, the next installment in the Ottawa ChiSeries will be held at Maxwell’s Bistro and Nightclub, beginning at 7 p.m. The Chiaroscuro Reading and Workshop Series, which I mentioned before on this blog, is the only reading series in Canada that focuses exclusively on speculative fiction, and has branches in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. The previous installment in March was a blast, and showcased three superb writers. While I may have to miss Tuesday’s event due to more new-house-related tasks, I encourage anyone who enjoys speculative fiction to go check this out.

Below is information about the three writers that will appear on Tuesday, which you can also find on the ChiZine Publications website. Don’t forget – June 17, Maxwell’s at 7 p.m.

  • Karen Dudley: Karen’s checkered past includes field biology, production art, photo research, palaeo-environmental studies, editing, archaeology and classical studies. She wrote four environmental mysteries and a short stack of wildlife biology books for kids. Food for the Gods is an historical fantasy novel set in Athens. It’s all about chefs and gods and food and murder and strange beasties and a huge amount of fun. The sequel, Kraken Bake, is forthcoming. She lives in Winnipeg with her husband, daughter, and assorted authorial cats.
  • Scott Fotheringham: Scott Fotheringham holds a PhD in molecular biology and genetics from Cornell University. He has co-authored scientific articles on molecular genetics, and closely studied the mechanisms of recombination using genetically engineered fungi, bacteria, and fruit flies. His first novel, The Rest Is Silence, was short-listed for the Amazon First Novel Award, Dartmouth Book Award, and an Ottawa Book Award. Raised in Thornhill, Scott now lives and writes just outside Ottawa where he is working on his second novel.
  • Robin Riopelle: Born in Ottawa and raised on Canada’s west coast, Robin Riopelle’s life has been marked by adoption, separation, and reunion. Like many of her characters, she has a muddy past and a foot in (at least) two different worlds. She currently lives on the border between French and English Canada with her criminologist husband, two seemingly delightful children, and an obstreperous spaniel. She is a great supporter of the Oxford comma. In addition to writing fiction for adults, Riopelle also illustrates children’s books. Deadroads is her first novel.

ChiSeries Ottawa is hosted by science fiction/horror writer and MC-extraordinaire Matt Moore.



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