Moving Month

My posting on this blog has once again died down a little – but with good reason. My wife and I moving into our first house in a few weeks (woot!) and so once again it’s proving difficult to accomplish my weekly writing goals, let alone maintain this website. Solution: my weekly writing goals are becoming shorter and more focused. Problem solved! I’ve actually managed to finish a couple of things over the past few weeks, most importantly “The Storykeeper’s Daughter,” the novella that I’ve been toiling over for several months. Now it’s just time to find a home for it.

Totally unrelated, but I wanted to point out two things that I’ve discovered on the Internet during my off-hours. The first is a podcast of a panel called “Fixing Inconsistencies in Your Own Work”, from ConFusion 2014. It features six speculative fiction writers, including Ron Collins (who posted this link on his blog), discussing strategies to watch for inconsistencies within a novel or series and what to do when one is discovered after publication. It’s just over an hour, and you can check it out here.

Secondly, I found out yesterday about the new Q&A platform that Goodreads has added to their website. If you haven’t already heard about it – and I’m betting you have, since I’m usually really behind on this stuff – the Goodreads Q&A allows you to submit questions to a variety of famous authors, and then see the answers published on Goodreads if accepted. There are a ton of big-name writers available here, including James Patterson, Hugh Howey, Margaret Atwood, and Jim Butcher. I absolutely love this concept. It’s a way for readers to have direct access to their favorite writers, and for writers to have direct contact with their fans, but it also allows writers to ignore any ignorant criticisms or rants and just respond to the questions or comments that they want to address. I’ve already submitted a few questions, and I’ll let you know if any of them are accepted.

Now … back to work!

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