Two New Upcoming Publications!

They say that good news (and bad) comes in threes. Today I am happy to announce the acceptance of three of my short stories by two different publishers.

This Wednesday, my short story “Passing Through” will be published on CommuterLit. For those of you who haven’t scoped it out before, CommuterLit publishes a new story or poem every weekday, with the purpose of providing a short piece of writing to enjoy on your daily commute. “Passing Through” will be my third story published on the site, though first one that isn’t speculative fiction.

I also received an email today from the editor of Tides of Possibility, an upcoming spec fic anthology from the Houston Writers Guild and Skipjack Publishing, informing me that he’d like to include not one, but two of my stories. One of them is “A Perfect World,” which was published last year in The Pleasure, the Pain and the Profit: Young Writers on Writing (Shaker Media), and stars a bunch of science fiction writers trying to make end’s meet after humanity makes contact with extraterrestrials. The other story, “Teachable Moments,” is previously unpublished.

I’ll post again on Wednesday with a link to “Passing Through,” and will provide updates on Tides of Possibility as I receive them.


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