Blog Tour Expanded: Geoff Nelder

I’m always fond of saying that the world is a very small place, and today proved that to me once again. I was talking with fellow science fiction writer Geoff Nelder about the Blog Tour that I contributed to a few weeks back, to see if he wanted to join. Instead, he provided a link to his website, where he had posted his entry in the same blog tour just last week. Two writers realizing that they’ve both participated in a Blog Tour, but on branches that are totally divergent from one another? Oh, world, you make me smile.

I’ve added the link to Geoff’s blog below. His short story “Target Practice” appeared in Encounters #10, alongside my story “Storage Cylinders” – “Practice” is a great, unique take on the concept of defending Earth from rogue asteroids, and I highly recommend you check it out. Encounters is 100% free, so why not?

Geoff’s Blog Tour entry:

Geoff’s Website:


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