The Empire Striketh Back

A friend of mine bought me a copy of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars for Christmas, and while I was a little leery about how good it would be – despite my love of both the Bard and the galaxy far, far away – it was an amazing read. Ian Doescher blends the classic dialogue from Star Wars into Shakespearean verse expertly. He also adds elements, like English asides from R2-D2, that further enhance the story. After a few scenes, I actually started imagining the story of A New Hope taking place on a stage, which made the reading even more entertaining.

And now, there’s a sequel coming out. The Empire Striketh Back is being released later this month, with The Jedi Doth Return expected this summer. Both of them are going on my “need to own list.” I’m not entirely sure how Yoda’s backward-speech will translate into Shakespearean, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

Here’s a description of the upcoming sequel from Goodreads.


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