A Night Off

My wife is volunteering at her school tonight, and my initial plan was to spend those hours getting some writing done. But having in sat in front of my computer since about seven o’clock, I can say that, from a purely producing standpoint, I’ve done absolutely nothing.

However, I’m justifying that nothing because this week was especially tiring. It happens; I’ve actually written pieces on the difficulty of maintaining a steady writing practice with work (or school) taking up a significant portion of the day. Our lives continue to add more and more responsibilities and distraction, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the feeling that we have to keep doing things, or else the universe is going to spiral out of control. I’m re-reading Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations right now, though, and one of the underlying messages behind his writing is not to get stressed by the day-to-day. You do as much as you can, but not too much, since you’ve only got one life (old Aurelius focused quite a bit on his own mortality).

So I just finished watching a movie, and I’m going to watch a bit of another one before I have to pick up my wife. I’ll do some writing tomorrow. Tonight, my brain needs a night off.


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