My First-Ever Royalty Cheque

There are a lot of things to get accustomed to as an emerging writer.

For example, seeing one of your stories in print for the first time. Even better, is seeing one of your stories in print, in an anthology of works with respected and revered writers who you aspire to become. It’s surreal realizing that somewhere in the country – or the world – someone could be sitting down and reading one of your stories, and I still haven’t gotten used to the sensation. It’s one of the most amazing things about the path that I’ve chosen.

Today was another first that I’ll probably never get used to: receiving a royalty cheque.

We recently passed the first quarter since CommuterLit Selections: Fall 2013 was published, which meant that I received my cut of the book sales. It wasn’t much – remember, there’s no money in writing – but it was still really weird and exciting to read a sales report for an anthology and stare at a cheque that my writing earned. This isn’t something that happens every day for an emerging writer like me. And even though I don’t write for the money – and even if I reach the Richard Castle level of fame and fortune, I never will – I have to admit that it was pretty cool to see that cheque, and imagine what the future might hold.

Keep reaching, fellow writers.


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