A Light Friday Post

First week back since the school break is almost done. I was expecting it to be slow, but luckily I managed to work every day this week – if nothing else, the life of a supply teacher is full of surprises. I was thinking yesterday about how uncertain it is being a supply teacher. There’s no guarantee of work every day, and sometimes you wake up in the morning not knowing if you’ll get a call, but in my case the days where you actually end up not having work are few and far between. And you don’t get paid for the two weeks of Christmas holidays, which is a pain. But money issues aside, it’s mostly a blast: I’m at the school where I taught last year almost every day, seeing my old students, and I don’t have to prep lessons or mark assignments. Which is why I don’t complain.

That said, when the opportunity comes up for another LTO, I’ll jump on it.

In between helping students this morning and doing some editing, I read a neat article in The Globe and Mail, describing the Mars One mission being planned in the Netherlands. Mars One has apparently narrowed down potential colonists for its mission to just over 1000 candidates – having eliminated 99.5% of those who applied – and is getting closer to making its final selections. Reading the article, and despite how ludicrous the idea sounds since we don’t even have a Moon colony yet, I can’t help but feel excited and hopeful. This mission, regardless of its success, is science fiction in the making, and I for one am going to be keeping an eye on it as the 2024 launch date looms.


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