Let the New Year Begin!

Back from an excellent holiday, including a spectacular honeymoon in Cuba, and feeling ready to get back to writing.

Though we writers are told we need to write at least a little bit every day and never let ourselves fall off the productivity wagon, it’s also important to sometimes take a break from things to give your brain (and your fingers) time to relax. I know I’ve discussed this before, and I put it into practice over the holidays, during which time I did nothing more than jot down ideas in my pocket notebook as they occurred to me. It was refreshing, and it’s made me even more ready to tackle new writing challenges for 2014.

Yes, I realize how cheesy and cliched the above paragraph sounds. Oh, well. A little cliche never killed anybody. (See what I did there).

Since it’s a new year, I’m going to try something new for my practice and start setting monthly writing goals. My hope is that this will help me set reasonable goals for my writing and stick to them, by giving myself a closer deadline. Today I’ll be figuring out what January’s goals will be, and possibly sharing them here. Regardless, I’ll be letting you know down the line if this new process pays off.

In the meantime – Happy New Year, and happy writing.


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