Nearing the End of the Year

I was updating my website and I realized that I only have two months left in my “Year of Science Fiction.” While my list of books to read is almost complete, I hit a snag, in that most of the books on the list are unavailable via the Ottawa library system. Since our budget doesn’t include my random book purchases at the moment, I decided to edit my list to something I should be able to accomplish by the end of the year. I’ve unfortunately had to remove The Snow (Adam Roberts) and Stories of Your Life (Ted Chiang) from the list – though I do plan on reading those someday – and replaced them with Red Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson) and 2001 (Arthur C. Clarke).

I’m actually a little surprised Clarke didn’t make it on sooner. Oh well.

This leaves me with 5 novels to read before the end of the year: Wool (Hugh Howey), Neuromancer (William Gibson) and House of Suns (Alastair Reynolds), along with the two listed above. Should be do-able. Wish me luck!

(If interested, check out my Goodreads account for my rating of the books I’ve read this year, and others:


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