Writer’s Digest

As a break from wedding planning and my ESL course, I trolled through the Writer’s Digest website for interesting articles, and managed to find two!

The first provides advice on making time for writing, and it’s actually really helpful. I agree with the author’s point that we make our own time, and so complaining that we don’t have as much time as other people is silly. More importantly, there’s a great list of ten suggestion for how to “waste time effectively” by doing something writing-related, like organizing your notes, meditating or posting on your blog.


The second article talks about how traditional publishers are still worth sticking with. I’ve posted a few times about publishing, and the value of turning to smaller publishers or ezines, or even self-publishing, so I found this really interesting. As popular as self-publishing and independent publishers are becoming, the big publishing houses and pro magazines have earned their status for a reason, and so steering away out of principle is a good way to kill a writing career. If you want your writing to be well-known, even if you don’t care about being paid, you need to have some sort of presence in the mainstream realm of your genre. This is why I submit work to magazines like On Spec and Lightspeed, as well as fledgling magazines and start-ups. Check out the link below and feel free to let me know what you think.


I’m also trying to get updates on some of my forthcoming publications with On Spec and Static Movement. More information will hopefully follow, but likely after my wedding 🙂


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