A Non-Writing Weekend

Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to write. This weekend is one of those weekends — which is fine, since today I helped move my brother into his first apartment, and tomorrow I’ll be registering for wedding gifts.

I did, however, have a neat, writing-related moment yesterday with a friend of mine. Most of the anthologies and magazines that I submit work to are these invisible entities that I never actually see in print, unless I”m accepted and get a contributor copy. Yesterday, though, I found a copy of Descant‘s Hidden City anthology on my friend Michelle’s coffee table, which was neat for me because I was preparing a piece for that anthology last year (which I never submitted). I realize this isn’t the most exciting of writing moments, but it’s not every day that my writing world intersects with my social world. It’ll be more intriguing to borrow her copy of Hidden City and see what kind of work Descant accepted…


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