Glassblowing, Anyone?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a glassblowing workshop with my fiancée, to learn about the process used to create glass ornaments. To be honest, I initially wasn’t sure if I would gain anything from going, but I have to thank my fiancée for convincing me that it was a good idea. Not only was the workshop really interesting and informative, but it gave me some excellent ideas for the novel I’m working on.

This brings me to a new tip for any aspiring writers out there: take the time to learn something new once in a while. I’m definitely not the poster child for actively trying new things, but I’m working on it, and realizing that broadening your knowledge as a writer shouldn’t just come from Internet and book research. Even if you’re just a passive observer jotting down notes, like I was yesterday, it can be really useful to “go to the source” and learn about something that you can use in your writing. You might even be surprised at how you can use it; in my case, I’m going to fit glassblowing into the culture of one of the alien races I’ve created, in a way that will also fit nicely into my overall plot. So if the opportunity comes up to learn something, take it!

And if any fellow Ottawa residents are interested, check out Flo Glassblowing Studio near the downtown to take part in some really neat workshops.


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