When You Were Young

In my other life as a high school teacher, I’ve started up a creative writing club for students to share their work and discuss a variety of topics related to writing. I was a little worried at first when I decided to go through this, partly because I had no idea if enough students would be interested, and partly because I wasn’t sure what kind of writers I would be getting. Now, all I can say is “Whoa!”

Not only do I have more students than I was expecting, but they’re all great writers. More importantly, some of them are further along in their writing careers than I was at their age (I feel a lot older than I am saying that). Hearing about their ambitious writing projects and their thoughts so far has been enlightening, and reminded me how free I was with my writing when I was in high school.

The lesson: as an adult, hold onto some of that adolescent passion when you write. Don’t be afraid to take risks and write something that scares you, excites you, or even depresses you. And just keep writing! All the time, whenever you can!


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