Raymond Souster and Nicanor Parra

At the Toronto launch for The White Collar Book last year, Bruce Meyer told us about going to meet Canadian poet Raymond Souster to see if he wanted to contribute to the anthology. Apparently Souster, 98 at the time, was bedridden and virtually immobile, under continuous professional care, and yet still producing poetry by speaking it allowed to a scribe. He told Bruce that he’d come up with “something” for the anthology, and a short poem of his was included.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to Jim Smith talk about meeting renowned Chilean anti-poet Nicanor Parra, the inspiration for Jim’s latest collection: Happy Birthday, Nicanor Parra. Parra is also 98 years old and also shows no signs of slowing down: he published a new collection in 2009 and won a new award last year.

My question: how do these guys do it? I’m only 23 and I’m having trouble writing once a month, much less writing all the time. If one of the measures of writing greatness is working at your craft on a regular and intense basis, I’m probably screwed. Needless to say, I need to get back on the writing wagon before I lose my mind.



3 thoughts on “Raymond Souster and Nicanor Parra

  1. Hey Brandon – you build up to it – so by the time you are 98, you can’t not write! But what do I know, I’m only 62, so I can\t not write only part of the time!

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